Diamond Level

Calgary Transit is the largest, most public facing business unit in The City of Calgary. Calgary Transit is made up of over 3,000 employees including operators, maintenance and office staff.   Together, Calgary Transit employees work hard to provide you with safe, accessible and courteous transportation services 365 days a year. Want to know more? Learn more.

Gold Level

“Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) is proud to be a gold-level sponsor of the CUTA Young Leaders Summit. This summit not only connects brilliant young minds, but also helps shape the transition to a more sustainable and equitable public transit. ETS is modernizing transit in Edmonton, with major projects like the Bus Network Redesign and our Electric Bus program, and the importance of attracting ambitious, forward thinking minds goes without saying. We’re excited to support this year’s summit, and to help shape transit for the next generation.”


Eddie Robar
Branch Manager

Officially recognized as the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority, most simply know us as TransLink. Created in 1999, we deliver our services through contractors as well as our operating companies and subsidiaries like Coast Mountain Bus Company, British Columbia Rapid Transit Company Ltd. (SkyTrain) and West Coast Express Ltd.

Together with our partners, stakeholders and operating companies, TransLink plans and manages the region’s transportation system as a strategic whole. We are dedicated to creating and sustaining a transportation system that meets the needs of residents, businesses and goods movers in a manner that protects the environment and supports the economic and social objectives of the region.

Silver Level

“This is an exciting time in Canada’s transit industry. There is an opportunity to shape the next generation of transit by planning for the next wave of Youth and Emerging Leaders into our industry. Our support of the Young Leaders Summit and continued participation with CUTA’s Youth and Emerging Leaders Task Force highlights Brampton Transit’s commitment to strengthening the future of the Transit industry through investing in our youth.”


Vincent Rodo
Director, Transit

Passengers around the country are seeking modern transportation options they can feel good about as traffic congestion, costs and air quality continue to saddle today’s growing cities. That is why New Flyer is engineering progressive transit technology that serves our communities and makes our cities smarter, while safeguarding precious resources. In doing so, we are creating jobs, fortifying North America’s infrastructure and modernizing the industry and the world around us. Learn more

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