About YLS

A Partnership for the Next Generation of Transit in Canada

The Young Leaders Summit (YLS) is organized by the Canadian Urban Transit Association and hosted by Calgary Transit. The summit is made possible by the hard work of passionate individuals.

Calgary Transit

Calgary Transit is the public transit service which is owned and operated by the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In 2018, an estimated 105.3 million passengers boarded approximately 1,155 Calgary Transit vehicles.


The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA)

CUTA is a member-based association that supports public transit as the core of integrated mobility across Canada. It provides members with the resources, networking, training, events, data, research and advocacy needed to support their success in the industry. Membership includes the majority of transit systems from Victoria to St. John’s, government agencies (federal, provincial, regional and municipal), manufacturers and sellers of transit equipment among others. The organization is networked internationally and builds active partnerships designed to strengthen the industry.